Sunday, August 12, 2012

The R2D2 Project (tutorial)

Cardboard R2D2

My boy loves to do crafts with me. I think this awesome. I want the kids to grow up remember having done stuff like this with Mom. And when my boy throws the craft smack down at me, I do what I can to rise to the challenge. 

So about 3 months ago he asked if we could build an R2D2 out of cardboard, and I'll admit it took a bit to wrap my head around I was going to pull this off. I didn't even tell him I was thinking about it because it just took a while to figure it all out. And I didn't want to get his hopes up if I couldn't pull it off. 

Ha, even as I'm writing this he says "hey Mom, it wouldn't be too hard to build a cardboard C3P0. I laughed and said "yeah, we're not doing that".

Anyhow, 1st challenge - cardboard cylinder. A friend of mine suggested concrete forms from Home Depot, but that was more than I needed. My husband was the one who thought of using the TinkerToy bin. Perfect! I placed it upside down so that we can still open the lid (now at the bottom) if needed. 

Next challenge was the head. Yes I could use a bowl, but I needed something round on top. R2 not having a flat head. So we got a cheap plastic bowl from the dollar store and proceeded to have some fun with paper   mâché.  I have not used paper mâché  since I was a kid. I will be using it more. It was fun!! We did use an Elmers Mix from Michael's - I used a coupon. 
Tinker Toy bin and bowl

Glue the bowl on

Let it dry. We waited 24 hours. 

Paper   mâché  . We used news paper to make the top round. We did the final coat with paper  towel  was I read online it was easier to paint over. 
 Once that dried - we were busy so it dried for about 3 days - nice and hard - we brought it outside to spray paint a primer.  Note to self, even though it is in the grass, use a drop cloth next time.

I fashioned the legs out of cardboard.
Before primer

Quick picture with the artist. 


We had a major malfunction with a leg. After the paint dried I reapplied it with a heck of a lot more glue. It seems to be holding quite fine now.

Once that was done, it was time to paint him. I just used acrylic paints from the dollar store. We went with a basic design for the lines and colours - ie, he's not 100% accurate. Heck, he's not anyhow, but it's a 5 year olds project, so we're not getting too fussy.
Final product!! My boy and his R2D2.

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