Monday, May 28, 2012

May FMQ challenge

Hello fellow FMQ challengers! 

I'm adding a quick post about my May FMQ challenge by the lovely Leah Day. I love Leah! I follow her blog anyhow, and she has such a normal approach to quilting to make it so doable for people. And she just seems so sweet. Don't you think? 

Anyhow, I foundation quilting! It's a good filler! What I liked is that giving yourself a line that starts and stops gives you a guide to follow instead of kind of having a meandering design run off on you. It actually makes me think about re-quilting my son's Thomas quilt, as I did stitch in the ditch for that, and this railway design might work great for that.

I realize as I take these pictures that for the purpose of this blog, I should really be using better contrasting threads.  So I hope it shows up reasonably well. 

Oh, and I need to find some of those bobbin sliders things. Perhaps in June while I am popping down for the Washington Quilt Shop Hop. One month until that! Love the shop hop! 

Until next month!