Sunday, September 9, 2012

September FMQ challenge

September FMQ challenge! I'm even shocked I got to it this soon. Was just looking at it and decided to tackle it. I think it actually went pretty well!

So 1st I did this using a contrast thread, and traced the picture onto tissue paper and then quilted right over it. I took a machine quilting class about 6 years ago and I remember this was the method she taught us with the tissue paper. I like it because there is no question of where the design it etc.

However, the same issue I have with paper piecing, getting everything off after is a PITA. But it turned out pretty well!

But then I decided to switch two things up. 1st, I redid the design using Don Linn's method with the tuule. And then I did it white on white. See, as I try to do this with contrast so it shows up better in photos it also shows more mistakes.  When it all blends in, it covers any small mistakes quite nicely. I really like how this turned out! So here we have the front and back. I tried doing a bit of filler with pebbles, but that is a project for another day I think. I love the look, but the back looks like a mess, so obviously need to work on the tension and what not. So let's not worry about that right now.


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Monday, September 3, 2012

The Martins vs. The World

I have the week off work to get my boy settled into Grade 1. Grade 1 - crazy. He is growing up so quick. Anyhow, initially we had all these plans to paint walls this week, or sort through closets, and what not, but now I've decided that darn it I am going to quilt and catch up on a bunch of UFOs so I can move on to new quilts without that "I have all these unfinished ones!" feeling.

First to get completed was this one. I originally bought the pattern book Maaki Bakker's Spellbound Quilts. This book has a lot of really neat patterns in it and I fully intend on making more eventually. You know, after all those other UFOs are done.