Monday, July 23, 2012

Sock Monkey

I've been meaning to post on this for some time now.

A while back my god daughter asked me if I could make her a sock monkey. I had never made a sock monkey before, but could resist when she threw down the "craft smack down".

I found the biggest challenge was actually getting my hands on the proper sock monkey socks. You know, that ones with the red heels. I ended up ordering them online as I could not find them at all locally.

I also scoured the web for a really good sock monkey tutorial. Tutorials that kind of phrase things like "oh you just do this and this and this and you're done" don't work. I need step by step. I found this wonderful one which did the trick.

And so end result? Wonderful! My coworkers think I could sell them. I'll see. I need more socks. I also did this little tutu, because I figured monkey needed clothes.



  1. SO cute! Great job!
    Thanks for helping me with the trial linky party. It seems to be working well, and I appreciate your help!