Saturday, March 31, 2012

I almost forgot!

Oh my, it's the 31st, and I almost forgot to get my blog post up for this month's FMQ challenge. Phew! What's really silly is the pictures have been sitting on my computer, I just hadn't gotten around to writing the post!

So... March FMQ challenge! Loved it! loved it loved it. I am on the run, and will keep this short, but a lot of the patterns I tried this month I am certain I will use in future quilting.

A few observations...
Being left handed, I found that going into a pattern - like with the stars - I had to come in from the right side and move left-ward. I think right handed people might do it the other way. I just couldn't wrap my head around doing a star "backwards".

Once again, thread makes all the difference. While getting going I just used the thread in the bobbin that was in there. I just couldn't get the tension right. Switched thread to a better quality - wow, huge difference. No more pulling. Good to know!

So here is what the challenge looked like:

 Here are a few of my sketches:

And here are some results:
Pulling stitches:
A picture of my overall efforts:

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